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Our website is a great tool for businesses to advertise their products, brands and services among the Tamil community.

We publish advertisements for businesses & establishments and classifieds for Property sale, Business Opportunities, Buying and selling of businesses, Franchise opportunities, Vacancy announcements, and business events.  We accept text only, image only, and combined forms of advertisements (conditions apply).

Recommended sizes of advertisements

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We introduce a low cost advertising tool through our classifieds page. It is a cost effective way of advertising your business to get large outcomes.

There are two options in which you can place:

Option1: You can send an e-mail with ad image/ ad texts/ details and your contact details to We will contact you to process with the advertisement (conditions apply).

Option2: Click on the online form and apply by filling all necessary information and upload the advertisement image or provide ad details.   Kindly go through the process and you will be able to make online payment as well as download and print your invoice (conditions apply).

Please contact us for any further information.

Tel: 020 8885 2933