About BTCC (British Tamil Chamber of Commerce)

The British Tamil Chamber of Commerce, also referred to as ‘Tamil Chamber’, was established in the United Kingdom, in January 2010. Its primary objective was to invest in the socio-economic advancement of the Tamil Business Community, initially UK wide and then worldwide, while helping to generate jobs and contribute towards country’s economy.

As you may aware of; economy is the backbone of a community in the perspective of empowerment and overall success & other collective benefits that the members of the community can accomplish which would never be possible to do so as an individual. Achievement of this vision takes a long time & the team of BTCC believes that individual successes when united and aligned can lead to collective achievements. BTCC has been successful in assisting many Tamil businesses over the last four years in many ways; however, the scope of our vision exceeds the boundaries of tangible short-term gains.

The BTCC considers every Tamil business in the UK as a single dignity that is part of our vision so that providing a ground for all Tamil businesses to grow in their means of operations, and financial stance is our partial objective.



To be a forum for individuals and enterprises to network, exchange ideas, share knowledge and insight while fostering Tamil enterprises to thrive and contribute to the economy of the United Kingdom and Tamil Nation.


  • To be a not-for-profit Social Enterprise to promote, empower and foster new and existing Tamil entrepreneurs.
  • To become the Voice of the Tamil businesses and business interests in the United Kingdom.
  • Promote corporate sustainability (CS), corporate social responsibility (CSR), charitableness and volunteerism among Tamil enterprises.

Meat The Team

Our team is composed of a very talented individuals that are very passionate in what they do. We are deeply passionated in what we do.

Hon M Thiruvasagam


Hon R Chandrakumar


Hon Mathangie Selvarajah


Hon B Alphonsus

Vice Chairman

Hon Jeevah D Haran

Media Co-ordinator

Hon R Sugunanandarajah

Events Co-ordinator

Hon N Jagatheeswaran

Committee Member

Hon S Managaleshwaran

Committee Member

Hon S Selvanathan

Committee Member

Hon K Thiagarajah

Committee Member

Hon T Thevalojan

Committee Member

Hon A C Vijayaratnam

Committee Member

Hon S A N Rajkumar

Committee Member

Hon T Raguraj

Committee Member

Hon S Thayaparan

Committee Member

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