Running a Seasonal Business

No matter what industry they’re involved in, most businesses have seasonal highs and lows. Yet like Santa, some companies–summer camps, ski schools and Christmas stores, for example–depend heavily on the revenue generated during a single season to carry them through the year. Typically, seasonal businesses fall into one of two categories: those that can shut […]


4 Ways to Make Your Business Better in the New Year

It is a long fast tradition to make a resolution going into the New Year. The classic resolutions revolve around our health, our relationships and our finances — but what about our businesses? As I have been enjoying the festivities through this holiday season, I also have been taking the time to do a deep-dive on my business. I […]


How to Analyze a Business Model?

The ultimate goal of understanding the business model variations in the digital world is to be able to analyze them and address real-world problems that the business faces. It’s one thing to understand what the business models are and what distinguishes them from each other, but it’s quite another to be able to understand what […]


Saving rates will get worse-these are the next-best options

For savers, times are bleak. The very best easy-access accounts pay around 1.5pc, and to get a fixed-bond rate over 3pc requires committing cash for five years. In January, Moneyfacts recorded 139 rate cuts to 21 rises, and in February so far there have been 169 rate cuts to just 11 rate rises. With the property […]